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I had back surgery due to playing college golf. After surgery, I got sent to Alyssa. My feeling of “will I ever get better” ran through my head constantly, but Alyssa has been alongside me through the whole process-telling me to trust the process. She is absolutely one of the best PTs I have ever been to in my life, hands down.
I highly recommend going to Alyssa!!


I explained to Bethany that I felt a bit off balance and was experiencing some dizziness when getting out of bed in the mornings. I was so happy to have someone so attentive trying to figure out what was making me have these uncomfortable episodes. She determined that I needed what seemed a simple procedure. In her patient and focused way, she worked with me for about 45 minutes. I was amazed as everything happened just as she explained it would. Afterwards, the dizziness I had felt for weeks disappeared!  I am so thankful for her expertise in what was becoming a very worrisome and somewhat dangerous issue.


After having my second child I was experiencing lower back pain throughout pregnancy that did not go away after birth. For a year I tried chiropractic care, massage therapy, and saw a back doctor. I also had some ab separation after birth. After a recommendation for Alyssa with Sunshine Physical Therapy I decided to give it a try. From my first visit with Alyssa to my last she was so uplifting, positive, encouraging, and thorough. She asked me a lot of questions and formulated a plan to help my body get back on track. My ab separation started with two fingers and in just 3 weeks of following the exercises she gave me it was down to less than one finger. One of my favorite things about working with Alyssa was that she did not tell me to stop working out. She made me a plan that fit my lifestyle and desires to be active. I followed her plan for 6 weeks and my back has felt better than it has in over a year! The convenience as a mom of two of her coming to my home was such a blessing! I will definitely work with Alyssa and Sunshine PT in the future and refer others! It’s truly an experience unlike any other and her and her sister are extremely knowledgeable!

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